Year 21, Day 115 (KSEA Announces Aurora Base Munar Research Facility!)

While scientists are still grumbling that the lack of water means the outpost will likely never be self-sustaining, KSEA is nonetheless excited to release plans for Aurora Base – the next Munar Outpost! The name was chosen to honor the Aurora Program, which paved the way for every crewed KSEA mission!

The site chosen by Orlas and Summer has been named Aurora Crater.

Unlike previous Munar Outposts, this one will have a greenhouse and supplies to make habitability long term, if not permanent (with minor support from Kerbin.)

Construction has already begun, and the Outpost will be launched on a Jool-X rocket soon!

One thought on “Year 21, Day 115 (KSEA Announces Aurora Base Munar Research Facility!)

  1. I checked and double checked… and triple checked! Mun in my game literally has NO water. I assume this has to do with my difficulty level and a bad roll! Many other worlds have water resources, so unless it’s a bug related just to Mun, I’m going to chalk it up to simple bad luck.

    I looked into changing the game’s seed value, which determines where resources are, and it crashed the game. I honestly got tired of messing with it, so I’m going to scratch drilling water off the “possible” list and move on! If anyone has an idea how to re-roll the resources for JUST Mun, without corrupting the save file let me know!

    Lame, but like Orlas said, there’s other planets out there! 😛

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