Year 21, Day 96 (DSV-2 Discovery Arrives at Duna Spaceport!)

After a remarkably fast voyage, DSV-2 Discovery arrives at Duna, using the planet’s moon, Ike, to assist in slowing down the approach! The Crew is automatically revived from Cryo-Sleep!

“Rise and shine everybody! We have some exploring to do!”

“Reactor is powered up – we’re good for firing main engines!”

The three mighty nuclear engines on Discovery fire, slowing the spacecraft down and entering orbit, slowly, of Duna!

“By my calculations, we’ll have 5200 d/v remaining after we reach the Spaceport… not bad!”

Discovery achieves high orbit! Mirphe begins to rendevous with Duna Spaceport!

“Just a few more maneuvers and we’ll be docked! I can see the Spaceport out the front window!”

Discovery slows down, matching speeds with Duna Spaceport…

…then slowly reorients for the final docking maneuver!

“Alright – we’re in the pipe, five by five… approaching the docking port at 1 m/s…. nice and slow….”

With a ‘thunk’ and the whir of motors, Discovery docks with Duna Spaceport! The mighty spacecraft is nearly twice as long as the station!

“Life support looks good on the station… it’ll take a little time to equalize between Discovery and the Spaceport… but I think we have a good connection!

The crew prepares to transfer over to the habitat sections of the station, and get ready for the next Duna Landing!

One thought on “Year 21, Day 96 (DSV-2 Discovery Arrives at Duna Spaceport!)

  1. Hello, It is I, Henry, back from the dead (and with better grammer skills). This time I have a question about the actual save Kerbal States. Firts off, though, I installed transfer window planner, and it turns out I didn’t miss the transfer window. It’s actually over a year before an optimal launch time. Mechjeb didn’t work, but I don’t want to screw with CKAN again.

    But this question is about the DSV-2. What mod is the command pod from from? I’ve searched up and down your mod list, searched Spacedock and Curse Forge, but couldn’t find anything about it. Did you not list the mod? Or is it part of near future technologys? I love to find out, because the plain old MK 1-3 Command Pod gets boring after a while. I’d like to see new command pods to launch my victi- I mean Kerbonauts in new pods. I do like what you did with the engine. It looks like a giant RTG.

    Oh yeah, and my space program’s name is not as cool as KSEA, but I’ve had the name ever since before I knew the game. It’s called Beyond. I liked that one, because it was nerdy, but catchy. I would have actually named it Space Company, but I don’t really like that name. Hope your doing well, and I hope to see a new mission soon! (Pol, Pol, Pol, Pol)


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