Year 20, Day 285 (KSEA Update)

Jeb, Bill, and Bob safely fly back to KSC to rest up for their next missions!

The next Deep Space Vehicle, DSV-5 Intrepid is under construction! The name was chosen to honor the Crew Shuttle Intrepid, which was recently retired. DSV-5 Intrepid will be a Horizon Class DSV and is virtually identical to the Horizon itself.

Construction is also underway on Explorer 8, the next crew rocket to Duna!

Construction on Nebula Crew Rockets has also been ongoing, with a target total of 6 rockets with at least 2 on standby at any time for a launch from White Mesa!

With crew traveling to and from White Mesa designers have been tinkering with faster planes to transport crews. The reliable X-5 has been the go-to, but engineers insist they can build something faster!

Another Modular Refuelling Vehicle carrying lithium is nearly ready, one more after this will fill all four fuel bays at Kerbin Spacedock!

The next Aurora Mission is also being prepared! This one will test the development of a long-term food and life support system for stations and, someday, colonies! A large greenhouse and power system will be the payload, and be launched into orbit near Kerbin Spacedock!

Finally, and most audaciously, KSEA is working on relocating the old Kerbin Spaceport… To Mun! Engineers will be inspecting the abandoned station soon, and if it checks out, a vehicle will be launched to move the stations orbit!

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