Year 20, Day 178 (New Docking Section for Spaceport Launches and Docks!)

The new docking section for the Spaceport launches on a Jool V rocket!

This new section is quite similar to the segment it’s replacing, however it adds more docking ports and a viewing cupola at the top. The design follows the new idea to rotate the station vertically.

The second stage and fairing detach, and enter orbit!

The docking segment detaches and rendezvouses with the Spaceport! Engineers there have already detached the old docking port, using DSV-4 Endeavor as a tug to safely move it away from Spaceport!

“Mission Control – we show the docking segment on track to dock. Looking good!”
-Sean, on Kerbin Spacedock

Docking is complete! The first part of the Spaceport makeover is done!

“Now’s the hard part – the new quad-fueling port is going to be a pain to connect!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

One thought on “Year 20, Day 178 (New Docking Section for Spaceport Launches and Docks!)

  1. The main reason for orienting the Spacedock vertically, and not horizontally (relative to Kerbin) was partly due to spacing for future DSV’s, but also because I thought it looked cooler. The new layout reminds me of the Watchtower from the Justice League animated series!

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