Year 17, Day 228 (Endurance Returns to Laythe Spaceport!)

Bob plants a flag and places the plaque for the second landing site! Bob insisted that they ‘suit up’ as the temperature was getting cold enough it might be dangerous!

Then, all three Kerbals climb back into Endurance. Bob is so captivated by all the new science data he doesn’t even complain about the tight science bay! Next, Jeb opens the VTOL bays, and fires Endurance’s aerospike VTOLs!

“Fuel flow is steady… we have good lift… brakes off, gear up… here we go!”

Endurance blasts off, it’s air-fueled engines taking it higher and higher!

Once high enough, the RAPIER engines switch over to full rocket mode!

“We’re almost to orbit!”


Endurance reaches the Spaceport and docks!

“We’re getting so much interesting data here! We have to go back down as soon as possible!”

“We need to be more careful next time though, these missions keep using up almost all of Endurance’s fuel! We barely had enough to get back!”

KSEA engineers start running simulations to see if there’s an ideal flight profile to take to save fuel! Meanwhile, Bill oversees the refueling of Endurance!

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