Year 17, Day (Desert Facility Upgrades!)

Certain facilities are missing from the Desert Launch site – notably towers to supervise the site! To correct this KSEA and KOAA have teamed up to build a combination tower that increases radio coverage in the area, provides command and control functions over the facility, and even has a flag pole!

Robart, a science specialist, is picked to command the new facility – which will need to be driven to it’s final destination!

“Wow! This thing does NOT drive well!”

There are a few close calls, but eventually the tower is driven to it’s final position, overseeing the rocket launch site!

“Ok… I’m climbing to the top! This sure is a tall tower!”

“What a view though! I have a good angle on the launch site and the facility down below! Let’s launch some rockets!”

Work begins on a similar tower to oversee aircraft at the nearby landing strip!

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