Year 17, Day 138 (Laythe Spaceplane Rendezvouses With Laythe Spaceport!)

With Discovery now docked at Laythe Spaceport, the X-10 is remotely piloted to Rendezvous! With it’s transfer stage still attached the spacecraft is very unwieldy – but it’s important to use every bit of fuel – refills are hard to come by in the Jool system!

Endeavor arrives at the Spaceport!

“This is going to be a tricky docking… I better EVA over and do it manually!”

“OK – I have stepped outside the hatch… rocket packs on… heading toward the X-10!”

“Oh wow guys! Are you seeing this!?”

“…roger that Jeb – we see you!”

“This thing is a lot bigger in person!

Jeb detaches the X-10 from it’s transfer stage, and pilots it to the station! The inline docking port makes the procedure a little more challenging than normal!

“We read a solid connection – good job!”

With that, all the components of the Laythe Mission are in place! The crew will start checking systems, and prepare for their first landing!

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