Year 16, Day 418 (Engineering Specialists Head To Kerbin Spaceport!)

To prepare for the upcoming installation of the Habitat Expansion to the Spaceport, Val will pilot Engineering specialists Kerlorf and Dunwin to the Spaceport!

“I heard Gene saying that if the Expansion goes alright, the Spaceport is going to start having a much larger crew – we can expect even more Aurora Crew launches soon!”

“Oh wow! I always forget how big the station is! “

“Before we dock we need to give the station a once-over… make sure the expansion plans are on track!

“Everything looks good so far! It’s a shame the fuel tanks up here don’t get used much, except for rescue operations! We could really use fuel depots like this in orbit of Mun!”

“Heading to the midpoint connection point….”

“Looks solid. It’s a good idea to check this connection from time to time, it’s the connection point that holds the two halves of the station together!

Dunwin heads inside the station, and leads the rest of the engineering crew for their preparations for the Habitat expansion!

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