Year 16, Day 391 (Aurora 18 Mun Landing!)

One issue with the Mun Rover is that it requires crews to EVA from the Crew Vehicle to the lander!

“Not a problem!”

“Any chance to get out in space is great!”

Mitster and Glenica board the lander and start checking systems…

“Looking good! I think we’re ‘go’ to disconnect from the ACV!”

The lander disconnects and heads down to Mun’s surface!

“… and we’re down! That was a good landing! Now it’s time to eject the rover!”

“hmmm – Mitster, nothing’s happening!”

“I think thats’ because there’s no remote connection to the lander – drat! There’s only one thing to do!”

“Get out there and fly it myself!”

“Hmmm. This might be tricky. I think future missions are going to need a better way to deploy these!”

Mitster fires the uni-direcitonal RCS thrsters and the Mun Rover lifts, unevenly, into the sky!

“Not good… not good! Ejecting the RCS Lifter!”

Mitster ejects the RCS lifter as the Rover almost tips over! Thankfully, the rover lands on it’s wheels and Mitster is safe!

“That was a close one! Rover seems fine though… let’s get going!”

“Let’s go!”

The two Kerbals drive for a minute until they spot something in the distance… a strange rock!

“Look Glenica – a strange rock!”

“That is a strange rock! Let’s see what the scanning arm makes of it!”

The rover’s scanning arm deploys, and takes detailed readings of the rock. Initial finds are that the rock is indeed quite strange, but scientists on Kerbin will need to look the data over!

In the meantime, the two head back to the landing site, and Glenica works on getting all the scientific equipment for the mission set up!

“OK – it’s all set up! There seems to be one little problem though. More like lots of little problems… there’s only one power supply, and lots of equipment that needs power! What’re we going to do!?”

“Don’t worry – we have lots of life support in the lander! We can radio Mission Control and see what they advise! In the meantime, let’s get back inside!”

“Good thinking! At least the equipment all looks like it survived the landing! Maybe when new supplies get here we can see if we can reach any more Mun-biomes!”

Back in the lander Mitster and Glenica radio for assistance!

Hmm – I’m sure we can do something! We’ll get to work on the problem right away. Stay safe there until we come up with a plan!”

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