Year 16, Day 379 (Aurora 18 Blasts Off For Mun!)

The powerful Sarnus Va rocket blasts off, carrying Aurora 18!

The rocket goes higher.. and higher…

.. until the solid rockets eject, and the rocket soars higher and higher!

Until the first stage exhausts it’s fuel.. and the Orbital/TMI (Trans-Munar-Injection) stage fires!

“Aahhhhh! This is really bumpy!”

“Don’t worry – we’re in a stable orbit! Now it’s time for the burn to the Mun!!!”

The Orbital/TMI stage fires, taking Aurora 18 on it’s journey!

“Oh right! I can’t wait!”

The journy to Mun is just a few hours with the latest Aurora rockets…

… and Aurora 18 arrives there in no time!

“All right – we made it! “

“Then that means it’s time for a systems check – let’s make sure all the equipment is ready for the landing!”

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