Year 16, Day 240 (KSEA Updates and Upgrades!)

The Kerbin Space Exploration Administration is very pleased to announce a complete upgrade for all of KSEA’s cameras!

Going forward all historical records should appear higher resolution with greater levels of detail and clarity! in fact, the upgrades are so extensive that they will even allow previously launched space assets to deliver higher quality images!

“How’s that even possible!?”


One thought on “Year 16, Day 240 (KSEA Updates and Upgrades!)

  1. Yes, it’s finally done! I’ve completed porting over everything from my 1.22 save to 1.9 (just in time for KSP to upgrade of course!!)

    The task was a big one, but thankfully the science data, flags, kerbal experience, names, etc, all ported over easily enough once I found where everything was.

    Now that I’ve got the game *ready* I’m looking forward to actually *PLAYING* it! 🙂


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