Year 13, Day 396 (Laythe Spaceport Launches!)

The Laythe Spaceport launches atop the Jool DS-1 Rocket! KSEA was running out of superlatives to describe how big the rockets were getting, so DS-1 seemed liked a good name for the first really big deep space launcher!

The mighty solid rockets push the rocket faster and faster, until…

Having exhausted their fuel, the solids explode (safely) away from the rocket with a load “ka-chunk!” Each one is equipped with a small parachute and transmitter to aid in recovery and re-usability efforts!

The launch stage ejects, and the orbital stage fires, providing the bulk of the energy required for circularizing the spacecraft in orbit of Kerbin!

The protective fairing ejects, then the Interplanetary Transfer Stage fires for just a moment to finish the circularization of orbit.

Success! The station will remain in orbit until the window to Jool / Laythe opens!

That went about as well as it could! The station is reporting all systems are functioning properly. Good work team!


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