Year 13, Day 129 (Laythe Spaceport Design Announced!)

Designs are (finally!) complete for the Laythe orbital refuelling and science station to be used by Discovery in its upcoming mission! Construction begins on the absolutely massive Jool Ultra-5 Rocket that will take the spaceport to orbit, and then carry it to Laythe.

The Ultra-5 should be a ridiculous sight, basically 5 Jool Rockets strapped together with an equally massive inter-planetary transfer stage at the top. When it launches, it will be the largest rocket ever launched.

Most of our engineers think our DSV type spacecraft are only going to get bigger – I won’t be surprised if this is the first of many of these massive rockets!

One thought on “Year 13, Day 129 (Laythe Spaceport Design Announced!)

  1. The actual Spaceport came together quickly, the launcher required was the real problem. Also happy with the blueprint style – I’m eventually going to release a KSP Blueprint Template (similair to the patch and flag templates) for use with KSP and KVV, and I think the overall look is pretty nice/polished.


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