Year 12, Day 100 (First Pathfinder 1 Probe Deploys and Lands on Laythe!)


The first landing site on Laythe has been chosen!  An island that KSEA is calling “Island 1” has been chosen as the first landing site as topography suggests it is the largest and flattest surface. The mostly liquid surface of Laythe may make landing… tricky.



Simulations show that the best orbit for releasing the landing probes is 200k, so Pathfinder 1 adjusts it’s orbit accordingly  – and the probe is away!


The probe fires its orbital manuevering rockets and before long begins to rocket to the surface! screenshot573.png

“Calculations look like they were near perfect!  It’s going to set down right where we thought, on the shores of Island One – the one that looks a bit like a bunny!”



The probe’s parachute deploys, and it slowly drifts to the surface!


Onboard cameras transmit stunning video back to Kerbin!


Pathfinder 1’s first probe is a complete success! Once on the surface the suite of sensors record and transmit vital information about Laythe back to Kerbin!


“Remarkable! I can’t wait to look at this data we’re getting back!”

-Robart, at Mission Control

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