Year 9, Day 279 (ACV Carrying Science Crew to Kerbin Spaceport & Minmus Rescue Launches!)


Piloted by Mirphe, an ACV launches from KSC carrying Orlas and Kimmy to Kerbin Spaceport to lead the team working on the Cyclotron!


The Mk7 ACV is proving to be a very reliable and capable space vehicle!


Mirphe rendevouses the ACV with Kerbin Spaceport…


…and docks!  Orlas and Kimmy transfer over, and then Kimmy undocks the ACV!

Time for the second part of the ACV mission… a quick trip to Minmus!



KSEA is sending Mirphe to Harmony Space Station at Minmus to recover Tamre, who has been taking part in one of KSEA’s long term space habitation studies. (KSEA again stressed that this did not mean anyone forgot about Harmony Space Station or Tamre onboard!)

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