Year 9, Day 226 (Mirphe and Malcolm Land on Mun!)

screenshot187.pngMirphe and Maclolm finish checking the Aurora Mun Lander at Unity Space Station… it checks out!  (The lander was last used by the Aurora 16 mission, on Year 4 Day 360.) Mission Command has cleared them for a landing at the Munar Lowlands, so they’re off!


“Coordinates are mapped – heading down!”




The lander touches down!


“What an unexpected adventure!”



“Oh wow… look up Mirphe!  Kerbin looks so… small! ”



After taking some time to appreciate the view, Mirphe and Malcolm climb back into the lander…  and take off!

“These old Aurora Landers don’t have much for life support, we better get back to the station!”



Malcolm pilots the Lander to Unity Space Station…


… and docks!  The crew will remain on the station for a few days, then return to Kerbin!


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