Year 9, Day 220 (Mk7 ACV Arrives At Mun’s Unity Space Station!)

screenshot167.pngMalcolm arrives at Mun!

“Ok, rendevous manuevers complete!  Looks like I just need to switch on the RCS system to get in nice and close… <<audible “CLICK!”>> … uh oh.  KSC… I think we have a problem!”



Instead of switching on the RCS system, Malcolm accidentally engages the staging switch that disconnects the command pod!


Ok… Don’t panic Malcolm!  Just need to get over to Unity Space Station and wait for a rescue!  Hopefully they left some snacks on that thing…”



Malcolm boards Unity Station and starts rummaging for some food. Thankfully there’s enough oxygen on board to last a few weeks!  Meanwhile, The ACV drifts away from the station!

KSEA was already building another ACV, and now it looks like the mission is clear: Bring Malcolm home!

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