Year 9. Day 135 (Explorer 5 Launches!)


Explorer 5 is rolled out to launch, an exciting new chapter in Kerbal exploration of space!


Blastoff!   The massive Jool IV rocket lifts Explorer 5 to the clouds…


…. and beyond to orbit!


“Mission Control, this is Malcolm on the X-9!  Mitster and I are OK for take off!”




The X-9 will fly the Explorer 5 crew to the spacecraft!


Malcolm flies the spacecraft on launch, with Mitster supervising.

“So far so good!”



Explorer 5 reaches orbit, and Malcolm starts the rendezvous maneuvers to meet up with Explorer 5!


“OK… the X-9 is a bit tricky with its RCS controls… this might take a few tries!”



It does take awhile, but eventually the X-9 docks with Explorer 5!  Val, Bill, and Bob all transfer over!


OK guys… I’ll go first!  Glykerol levels normal… initiating freeze!



“It worked!  Our turn… see you in a few minutes Bob!”


With that Bill throws the “freeze!” lever, and the crew of Explorer 5 is in stasis, ready for the trip to Duna!


Malcolm brings the X-9 in for a landing!


“Mission Control, Malcom here!  I’m in the pipe, five by five!”



It’s a tricky night landing, but Malcolm brings the X-9 home!  All of Kerbin now waits for Explorer 5 to depart!




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