Year 7, Day 120 (Wanderer Arrives At Eve!)


The Wanderer Rover arrives at Eve!  In a few days the Rover’s delivery vehicle will fire, putting the craft into an orbit of Eve!  From there KSEA mission planners will determine a good landing site!

6 thoughts on “Year 7, Day 120 (Wanderer Arrives At Eve!)

  1. I am interested in some of your craft designs and cannot find what mods your using please contact me


    • Hi there!

      I’ve been meaning to update my list of used mods, I’ll try to do that soon. If you let me know a particular craft you’re looking at I can let you know! Thanks for the comment 🙂


      • Interested in most of the stuff you have blueprinted they are very cool how did you do them


      • Glad you like! I use Kronal Vessel Viewer as well as my a template similar to my Kerbal Mission Patch Template to make them (you can click that link to download it.)

        I’ve been thinking about releasing a blueprint template, this is a good reminder that I should probably do that 🙂

        I’ll reply here whenever I get around to completing that! In the meantime have fun playing KSP 🙂


      • Thanks really interested in the mods you use I recognise some others I dont so if you could get a mod list up would appreciate it,and maybe share your craft files on KerbalX



      • A bit of a late response I’m afraid, but I wanted to let you know I started a list of my mods which I’ll finish up at some point. As for crafts on KerbalX I’ve never thought about that, might actually do that eventually. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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