Year 4, Day 405 (KSS Docking Expansion)

The long promised update of the KSS docking port has come!  The launch will send the new docking module into orbit on an Aurora Rocket, and the module will travel to the Space Station for remote installation. screenshot1407.png

The launch is the first orbital test of the most impressive part of the new docking module, the Crew Lounge, to make life just that much more comfortable in space!  This module is identical to the new Crew Lounge to be utilized on the Duna Spaceport, which is currently in orbit of Kerbin awaiting its launch window.  Installing this module on the KSS will allow testing of the module before Duna Spaceport departs. screenshot1408.pngThe Space Taxi attached to the old docking port detaches and moves to a safe distance.


First, the old docking port assembly is ejected from the station!  The old module drifts away slowly…

Meanwhile, the module arrives at the station!


Almost there…screenshot1418.png

Success! The module is installed!screenshot1419.png

Endeavor undocks, and manuevers to test the new docking port.


Looks good! The next KSS project is an upgrade of the Station’s solar array.


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