Year 4, Day 357 (Unity Space Station Landing 2)


Mission Planners announce the next Mun Landing site:  USS-LS02-A, the rim of the East Crater, and USS-LS02-B, the center of the crater!  This time it’s Luly and Dunwin’s turn to head down! screenshot1319.png

Dunwin, a rookie scientist, is excited that his first Space mission is a Mun landing!  With the RCS and LFO fuel reloaded on the Research Lander, Luly and Dunwin head down!screenshot1323.png

Wait!  Wait!  Mission Control!  I see something out the window!!


screenshot1325.pngThere’s little time for anyone to react, and the lander sets down in the East Crater!


Luly and Dunwin hop out, and while Luly conducts the scientific experiments for the missions, Dunwin jumps in place, excited to check out the strange formation he saw!

“OK – let’s get back in the lander and head up there!  That must be the anomaly Mission Control wanted us to check out, at USS-LS02-B!”



The Research Lander takes off!

“There it is – an arch, just like you said.  Strange!”



The Lander sets down a short distance from the strange… Arch.


“Let’s head up there and check it out!”


Luly takes off, to land on TOP of the Arch!


Dunwin isn’t far behind!


The two are very excited with their discovery!





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