Year 4, Day 322 (Explorer Returns Home)

screenshot1171.pngIt’s time for Explorer’s brave crew to return home!  Onboard Explorer, Orlas, Mitster, and Chrisnic gather up all their things (including the invaluable science data gathered from Eve and Gilly) and head to the LARC!

screenshot1181.pngThe LARC detaches… and everyone watches silently as the ship that had been their home for almost a year drifts away… Explorer will ride Kerbin’s gravity and slingshot into deep space (taking its radioactive engines far away from Kerbin…)  while the LARC should touch down somewhere on Kerbin!

screenshot1184.pngThings are getting hot as the LARC capsule reenter’s Kerbin’s orbit! screenshot1192.png

The capsule reenters the atmosphere safely!  Everyone at the space center breathes a sigh of relief… this is the first interplaneteary return, and Explorer was going very fast!


Mitster, Orlas, and Chrisnic all land safely!  Teams are sent out to rescue them at once.   Welcome home guys!


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