Year 4, Day 169 (Harmony Station Update!)


Edan, Robart, and Samner launch in an Aurora Crew Vehicle to take command of the Harmony Space Station, and transport it to Minmus orbit!

screenshot868.pngEdan pilots the craft to a high altitude, then circularizes the orbit!

“Starting rendezvous maneuvers!”



Almost there…


Edan docks the CRV with Harmony!


Samner and Robart transfer over to the station… and wait for Mission Control to activate the onboard systems!screenshot884.png

Harmony maneuvers to match planes with Minmus… this will be the first attempt to see if this method of transporting Stations is efficient, or even practical!

OOooookay…  this thing is spinning like crazy!


screenshot887.pngUnfortunately, Robart is correct… the center of mass on the space station was not properly calculated, clearly… as the engines fire, the craft starts to spin wildly.  Thankfully, Mission Control is able to get the vehicle under control… but it means firing the main maneuvering engine at only 20 percent… the entire process will be a bit of a chore.

“Looks like we’re going to have to fine tune these parts if we want this to be how we send Space Stations out in the future!”


The transfer burn is complete… in just a few days the station will (hopefully) enter the Minmus sphere of influence, and circularize its orbit!

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