Year 4, Day 129 (Harmony Space Station Planning)


Harmony Space Station.png

After some debate, scientists decide on the assembly method of the Minmus Space Station, Harmony.

First, a Sarnus V Heavy rocket will carry the Station Hub into orbit.  Then, two Heavy Cargo Shuttle launches will carry Harmony’s two modules into orbit.  Once there, the payloads will separate, and attach remotely to the orbiting Station Core.  (Resolute has already proven itself as a efficient method of carrying cargo into orbit, and since it’s the only Heavy Cargo Shuttle, engineers start work at once on getting the craft ready!)

Finally, the Station Core, still attached to the Sarnus V orbital stage, will carry the assembled station to Minmus orbit.

Initially, the plan was to launch three separate assembly missions, followed by a final crew mission.  This new method should be more efficient, and save time too!

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