Year 4, Day 36 (Explorer Arrives At Eve!)

screenshot556.pngExplorer circularizes its orbit above Eve, achieving an orbit of 122k!  As Explorer finishes its orbital burn, Mitster checks out the fuel gauges.

“Getting Explorer back into Kerbin orbit is going to be a real trick.  I’m starting to think that we’ll have to use the LARC as a lifeboat when we get back!”


Everyone is a little disappointment that Explorer may not be able to be re-used… However the concern about fuel is exactly why the LARC was developed!

screenshot569.pngIt’s time to send the first atmospheric probe down to the surface!  The probe disconnects…


Then the small solid rockets drop it out of orbit… and toward Eve!  Sensors indicate that the parachutes deployed, and the craft touched down… just as battery power runs out!  Thankfully, there was time to order the solar panels deployed.  The crew onboard Explorer (and everyone back on Kerbin) wait anxiously to see if the little probe survives the night on Eve!



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