Year 3, Day 107 (Frontier 2 probe to Sarnus Launches!)

screenshot103.pngFrontier 2 launches!  Unlike the first Frontier Probe, “2” will take a less direct and more fuel efficient journey to Sarnus.  If calculations are correct, it will enter the Sarnus system with nearly 4,000/dv of fuel remaining… hopefully enough for plenty of maneuvering in the distant planetary system!  The cost is time: the journey will take much longer than Frontier 1: nearly 2.5 years!

In a fit of excitement, KSEA authorizes the construction of 4 more Frontier Probes!  The massive expenditure will be occupy most of the funding for quite some time, however several promising transfer windows are opening up soon: Neidon and Urlum!  The other two probes will remain in a parking orbit of Kerbin, and are tenatively planned to survey Eve and Duna!

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