Year 2, Day 385 (Pyramid Exploration)


Mitster and Robart take off in the X-5, heading west!


The X-5 seems to perform best at an altitude of about 6,000-15,000 – so Mitster keeps it in that range on the flight west. Tje X-5 maintains speeds of around 850 m/s, and even reaches a new aircraft speed record of 920 m/s! 


“Ok – coming up on the coordinates… wow! Look at that, you can see the structures from up here!”



“Let’s do a pass, then circle around for a landing!”

Robart hops out, as Mitster watches from the cockpit.


Eventually the two scout the pyramid site – how strange! No doubt pre-ogre Kerbal Civilization built these ages ago!  Robart is able to translate some of the strange writing, and ancient form of Kerbalese:

“My name is Tut-Un Jeb-Ahn, king of kings:  Look on my works, ye MIghty, and despair!”
-Ancient Pyramid Inscription

Confused, the two take several pictures and some samples, before heading back.

“What an odd place – further study is certainly needed!”

The X-5 returns to the Space Center, having performed it’s mission perfectly! Once back, the existing X-5 is refurbished, and construction starts on a second!

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