Year 2, Day 370 (Aurora 7 Lands On Minmus)

screenshot627.pngVal pilots Aurora 7 closer to Minmus, then transfers over to the lander with Bob! screenshot629.pngThe lander detaches, and Val pilots the lander to a good landing site. screenshot631.png

“I think I found a good spot!  Adjusting course…”


The Aurora 7 Lander touches down!  The crew waits a short time for Kerbin to be in radio range before heading out! screenshot639.png

Bob is the first out!

“Wow!  It’s like the ground is made out of ‘bounce’!”


Val hops out next.




Val and Bob are the first Kerbals on Minmus – what a day!   The two spend some time gathering space rocks and other scientific data. (Truthfully, Bob does most of the science, Val spends her time jumping around…) screenshot650.png

Before long, the power is running out, and the two have to head back to the Aurora Spacecraft.  The ship burns back to Kerbin, and should arrive in just under a week!

“That was a lot of fun!  We’ll have to come back again!”



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