Year 2, Day 331 (KSS Research Launch)


A KSS Support Vehicle blasts off, and carries a cargo of plants for the researches on the KSS to study growing in orbit!  A previous launch of the same payload seemed ineffective… The KSS crew wonders if they got baked during launch. If this experiment is successful, it will be the first time a Support Vehicle has attempted returning to Kerbin.  screenshot529.png

The Service Vehicle moves in for a rendevous with the KSS… and docks!Menascreenshot530.png

Meanwhile, it looks like the previous Plant Science mission has actually had some results!  The plants have in fact grown!

“Well… let’s send it down and see what the scientists on the surface have to say!”


Good idea Glenica!  The Service Vehicle detaches, and begins its attempt to de-orbit.  KSEA hopes to set the pod down as close to the Space Center as possible.  Let’s hope the results survive re-entry!screenshot532.png

The Service Vehicle begins its descent!


Surviving the fire of re-entry, the pod heads for a touchdown in the fields at the base of the mountains west of the Space Center.


“Sensors indicate a clean landing! Let’s get a team out there asap!”
-Bob, Head Scientist


One thought on “Year 2, Day 331 (KSS Research Launch)

  1. This was my first successful Station Science contract – I spent HOURS trying to develop a spaceplane, testing, test landing, etc. Eventually I made the decision that honestly NASA should have made too – just use my existing heavy rocket launchers 😛

    Besides Station Science I also needed a larger cargo bay, which the game oddly doesn’t provide. I was able to find a good one:

    Cargo Transportation Solutions, originally by Talisar, hosted here by Olympic1.

    Thanks for the great mod/maintenance guys!


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