Year 2, Day 317 (Aurora 5 Launch)

screenshot516.pngThe Aurora 4 Crew is reunited for Aurora 5… hopefully this time goes better!  The rocket is rolled out in the early morning. What a sight!screenshot518.png

Blastoff!   The Sarnus V takes the Aurora 5 Spacecraft into orbit… Where the crew trains with docking and transposition.  Things don’t go smoothly at first, but eventually Mitster gets the hang of it!screenshot523.png

Docking is achieved!  It’s essential this be performed well, as the maneuver for the actual mission to Mun will be done on the way to Mun, after the insertion burn has been completed! screenshot526.png

The Aurora Capsule sets down just off the coast of the old runway.  Time to head home… Good job guys!  The Aurora 5 Lander is left in orbit.  The mission is deemed a complete success… Aurora 6 will be the next launch, and will (with any luck) head to Mun!

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