Year 2, Day 302 (KSS Auxillary Science Lab Launched)

screenshot485.pngThe KSS Auxillary Science Lab is launched!   These frequent KSS missions using the Sarnus Rocket hardware is getting our scientists and engineers very familiar with them – should be useful when the Aurora Program uses them to visit Mun!screenshot487

The launch has some serious problems once in orbit.  The very top heavy module proves very difficult to control!  From the ground, Val does her best to help.

“This thing steers terribly!  I’ll do my best to save it – no promises though!”

Once Val is able to successfully navigate a rendevous, Jeb EVAs over to the module…and hops inside!

“I’ve got it from here, Val!”

screenshot493.pngJeb pilots the unwieldy module closer and closer to the station…


Success!  The new module docks with the KSS.

“Just need to move this Escape Vehicle over to the habitat section of the station!”
-Jebape vehicle over to the habitat section…”


“There we go!  Station looks great!”


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