Year 2, Day 229

The new Command Core is slowly rolled out to the launch pad, and is ready to go first thing in the morning.

“That’s one big rocket!”

It sure is!  In fact, the Sarnus V that will carry the new Command Core to orbit is the largest vehicle ever launched!screenshot443Crowds gather to watch it take off!screenshot445.png

The launch is not ideal, but orbit is eventually achieved.  Fuel to rendezvous with the KSS will be tight! screenshot448.png

Thankfully, the craft is brought in close…

“Wow.  The new station core is huge! It’s bigger than the entire existing station!”


screenshot451.pngAfter a short time, the new Command Module docks with the station.

Uh oh, looks like one of the new solar panels was damaged in the launch.  Better let KSC know!

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