Year 2, Day 164

Engineers start working on the successor to the Discovery Rocket – the Sarnus!  Sarnus 1 will (hopefully!) be able to take not just the Aurora Crew Vehicle to Mun and Minmus, but also a lander.  Details are still being worked out, but recent advances in rocket technology promise some major advances!

Work is also proceeding simultaneously on the next Kerbin Space Station module – a science module designed to allow a permanent science lab in orbit! The expansion will be nearly the size of the existing Space Station, and provide room for many more Kerbals, as well as new equipment and a more easily accessible docking ring.

Everyone agrees that while Orlas’s recent piloting of the Cupola Module was heroic, it’s probably a good idea to have a pilot stationed, at least temporarily, on the KSS.  No one is sure who it’ll be yet, but the next Aurora Mission is looking to be pretty clear – deliver more crew to the KSS, including a pilot!

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