Orbit achieved! It’s just a short 5 hour trip to Mun!screenshot250.png

Orbit is achieved! KSEA scientists think that the center of the big round Northwest Crater is a good place to set down.screenshot256.png

As the craft is guided down, controls are very difficult.

“That’s ’cause it’s so heavy at the top!” -Jeb


Almost there…. screenshot260.png

Success!  Scout 1 touches down on Mun!  Cheers are heard all around Kerbin.  Thankfully the vessel didn’t sink into the surface, or explode, or get eaten!  Instruments seem to indicate that a Kerbal would be safe enough to conduct a landing!   Additionally, after the landing Scout still has just under 790 d/v of fuel – it might be possible to take off, and set down at a different location at a later date!

Construction starts on another Scout probe, this time headed to Minmus!

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