Year 13, Day 182 (First X-10 / LCV-1 Endurance Test Flight!)

KSEA is ready to test fly the X-10! A name and designation was finally chosen for the craft, LCV-1 Endurance! (LCV stands for Laythe Crew Vehicle).

Mirphe is chosen to be the first pilot to test the X-10 Laythe Spaceplane on Kerbin! Dunwin will be the flight engineer. The X-10 is taxied out to the runway, and Mirphe performs the pre-flight checks.

“Ok. Brakes on. Throttle down. Rear engines at air breathing… SAS on… seatbelts… ON! We should be ready to go! Firing Verticle Lift Engines! “

The VTOL engines fire, and the Endurance slowly lifts off the ground!

“OK – we’re at altitude. Brakes disabled, RAPIER engines… fire!”

The main engines kick Dunwin and Mirphe to the back of their seats, as they fly full thrust towards the KSC island!

As the runway approaches, Endurance opens its airbrakes and cuts engines… then deploys its landing parachute!

“I pulled the ‘chute a little too close to the ground! This plane lands almost completely fueled… we’ll have to make note of that when we land it again!”

The landing is a success! The science bay opens, then Mirphe hops out!

I’d call that landing a success!

Dunwin climbs out, and joins Mirphe to inspect the spaceplane….

“No damage … looks in good shape! The next test is an atmospheric landing, then this plane should be ready to head to Laythe!”

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